May 16, 2011

Vintage Jewellery Box Cupcakes

We recently got asked to create from Vintage style cupcakes but we decided that we wanted to go for something different to the usual Shabby Chic Vintage style that we keep seeing across the UK cupcake/cake market.

After some brainstorming we took inspiration from an old vintage jewellery box and decided that our cupcakes would be full of old fashioned style gemstones, vintage buttons, brooches and jewellery, all in old vintage style colours, dusky pinks, mustard and dulled yellows, ivory and muted blues - we had the ideas, and couldn't find anything similar on the net so we went to creating our exclusive Love Cupcake Vintage Jewellery Box cupcakes, and below you can see they looked divine! We'd say all that were missing were some gorgeous ivory pearls which we'll definitely be adding in next time :D

So many people loved this style that we decided to schedule one of our Love Cupcake Masteclasses to a Vintage Jewellery Box Theme for Saturday 6th August 2011. We'll be covering all aspects of our usual Cupcake Course / Class (see details here but we shall be excluding cutter/floral work for this session and replacing with:

Vintage Buttons
Normal Buttons
Vintage Colours
Embossed Lettering
Edible Painting

There are just four limited places for now - book your place, email

For those that have already attended our previous classes, we are looking to schedule an "add-on" class to just learn Vintage Jewellery Box decorations only which is likely to be held during the week - watch this space!

Mrs LC xx

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